I began Northumbria Gems in 2010, giving a name to jewellery I had been making from natural British gemstone, collected locally, and also from a collection of genuine sea glass gathered during years of trips to beaches along our coast.

I live and work in the north-east of England, and design and make jewellery to sell to customers in the UK and across the world.

My interest in geology was inspired when I was young, prospecting for gemstones with my family in the gem fields of Queensland, Australia. We found raw amethyst, sapphire and smokey quartz, and my father began gem-cutting using these finds.

I still collect gemstone and sea glass by hand, among Northumberland’s wild, remote hills and along Northumbria’s unspoilt coastline, and these are the places which inspire my designs. These local, sustainable resources also lend themselves to beautiful and unique natural gemstone and sea glass jewellery.

Northumbria Gems jewellery and glass is available through my website shop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via my contact page.

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Northumbria Gems - established 2010