About Northumbria Gems

I live and work in the north-east of England, where I design and make jewellery and glass art.

I started Northumbria Gems in 2010, handcrafting jewellery in natural British gemstone collected locally by hand. With a lovely collection of genuine sea glass from years of trips to beaches along our coast, in this I included sea glass jewellery.

My interest in geology was inspired at an early age, when prospecting for gemstones with my family in the gem fields of Queensland, Australia. We found raw amethyst, sapphire and smokey quartz, and my father began gem-cutting using our finds.

Jewellery with a difference:

I create unique jewellery from design to completion, combining stone-cutting and silversmith skills. The cabochons are ethically made, as I handcraft the gemstone myself, and increasingly use recycled silver.

The silver jewellery, where stated, is hallmarked - this will normally depend on its size or weight.

Natural Gemstone & Northumbria Sea Glass collection

I collect gemstone and sea glass by hand among Northumberland’s wild, remote hills and along Northumbria’s unspoilt coastline, places which inspire my designs. These local, sustainable resources lend themselves to beautiful and unique jewellery.

Natural stone & semi-precious gemstone

I collect natural British quartz, carnelian, jasper, flint, agate and fossil stones locally, to handcraft for silver pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, and brooches. I polish some raw quartz and flint in its original shape. The genuine Whitby jet jewellery is handcrafted by me, in jet sourced from an established Whitby supplier. Where I use other gemstone varieties I mention this in the listing. The cabochons are all cut and shaped by hand, by me or my father.

Northumbrian sea glass or 'sea gems'

The sea glass is formed from decorative glassware, bottles and industrial glass which found its way into the North Sea. Some is evidence of the north-east’s industrial heritage and famous glass-works. These unique British 'sea gems' come in a variety of colours and textures, some rare. They have been shaped and frosted naturally by the North Sea's waves over many years, then washed up along the Northumbrian coast.


Identifying rocks and minerals can be difficult due to their variety, but each stone I collect is identified to the best of my knowledge, amd with careful reference.To preserve our environment I follow UK guidelines on collecting natural resources sustainably.


My glass art is a recent addition to Northumbria Gems, and includes small trinket and jewellery dishes and glass art in designs inspired by nature and local landscapes. I make these in coloured, fused and cast glass.

I have begun adding fused glass jewellery which I design and make by hand - most pieces are fused in a kiln, some are cast.

Northumbria Gems jewellery and glass is available through my website shop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via my contact page.

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Northumbria Gems - established 2010