Natural Stone Jewellery

Natural Stone Jewellery and natural gemstone jewellery. I make this jewellery in natural British stone and semi-precious gemstone. This includes white milky quartz, agate, carnelian and blue green apatite, also raw, natural stone in such as jasper and flint, in earth tones. I collect all of this stone and gemstone by hand, here in the north of England. Therefore I can guarantee that the stone in your jewellery is entirely natural and untreated. I also collect the natural stone and gemstone sustainably, in order to preserve our local environments and coastline.

I am also now making jet jewellery, handcrafted from genuine Whitby jet, sourced from an established Whitby supplier.

The process:

I polish some stone its original or ‘found’ shape, and handcraft other pieces into cabochons, using lapidary, or stonecutting, techniques, to set in my natural stone silver jewellery.