Hammered Copper Wide Cuff Bracelet


This handcrafted bracelet is made in hammered, textured copper. The bracelet will be ‘made to order’ for you, and ready to despatch within 2-3 weeks from purchase.

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Hammered Copper Wide Cuff Bracelet. This is a 1 inch wide oval, metal cuff bracelet which I hand forge in copper.

This bracelet is ‘made to order’ and will be ready for despatch within 2-3 weeks of purchase.

Please allow for a slight variation from the photo, as I make each bracelet to order individually.

Choose from 3 bracelet sizes (length includes approx. 1 inch gap):

6 inches; 7 inches; 8 inches.

The open-ended design allows a slight adjustment.

Checking your bracelet size requirement:

Please check accurately the bracelet size you require by measuring around your wrist or lower arm (and depending on where you would like the bracelet to settle).

The design:

I hand-forge this copper wrist band and create a textured, hammered surface pattern. The firing and texture gives the bracelet an aged or rustic appearance, also emphasising its handmade nature, and making each bracelet unique. I lightly polish the risen surfaces, which leaves the hammered dents coloured from the initial firing.

The bracelet comes in a gift bag.

This hand-forged, copper bracelet is Made in Britain.


Oxidisation on copper (which creates blue-green verdigris) is a natural process caused by the metal’s contact with oxygen in the air. It is increased by heat and moisture so can cause a staining on the skin – to reduce this, I initially polish the bracelet with wax (I have not lacquer-coated it, as this could affect the finish). If you clean your copper jewellery regularly, this should help minimise any problem. One cleaning tip I have seen is – add lemon juice and salt to a bowl of water and dip the jewellery in for 30-60 seconds, then rinsing and drying. N.B. You may want to test an area on the back of the jewellery first in case it removes desired patina. You can also polish with beeswax or Renaissance wax if you wish to keep the tarnish away for longer.

Please note: I purchase all of my raw metal from UK suppliers.

See more of my handmade to order jewellery here.

Made in Britain.

Additional information

Weight75 g
Bracelet size

6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches


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