Handmade natural gemstone & sea glass jewellery

Men's and women's silver jewellery, handcrafted in North East England from natural gemstone and Northumbrian sea glass. The British gemstone is part of Northumbria’s rich geology, the sea glass evidence of our region’s long industrial and glass-making heritage, shaped and frosted over many years by the North Sea's tides. These are collected by hand in Northumbria and along its beautiful coastline.




Natural Stone & Gemstone Jewellery:

Northumbrian Sea Glass Jewellery:

Handmade to Order Jewellery:


Natural Black Quartzite Hammered Silver Ring

Whitby Jet Celtic Cross Necklace

White English Sea Glass Bezel Pendant

Lemon Yellow Frosted English Sea Glass Necklace

Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Pendant

Sea Glass & Silver Rustic ‘Cross of St. Cuthbert’ Necklace

Natural British Quartz Textured Silver Pendant

Orange Carnelian Celtic Knot Ring

White Natural British Quartz Oval Necklace

I handcraft gemstone, including British quartz, carnelian, agate and jasper, also genuine Whitby jet, into cabochons, setting these in silver pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, and brooches. Some stone, such as flint, I polish in its original shape. The Northumbrian sea glass comes in a variety of colours, some rare, and I carefully collect the best pieces for my sea glass jewellery.

The hammered copper cuff bracelets are hand-forged, made to order in a choice of sizes.

These natural materials are lovingly transformed into one-off or limited-edition pieces, for yourself or an original jewellery gift.

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